People: the driving force behind performance

Because machines are nothing without people, SART von Rohr places the know-how and expertise of its employees at the center of its investments and production system.

World-renowned know-how

SART von Rohr capitalises on its know-how to support the performance and success of our customers worldwide.

A key player

SART von Rohr is a major player, recognised in France and internationally for its know-how, the reliability of its products and its high level of expertise and services.

Continuous improvement: the engine for growth

As a provider of reliable and innovative solutions, continuous improvement is a culture at SART von Rohr. From the monitoring of products in operation to maintenance, continuous improvement is everywhere.


SART Von Rohr ( SVR ) is a French manufacturer who designs and produces industrial fluid control equipments for over 90 years.

SART Von Rohr has structured its organisation around two divisions :

The Controleo® division, which includes all controls products, and the BYVAP® division, which includes all products used for steam.

SART Von Rohr (SVR) designs and produces products who fits to the most varied industrial fluids such as steam, water, sea water, chemicals, thermal oils, cooling fluids, natural gas, industrial gases and many other process fluids.

SART Von Rohr (SVR) satisfies thousands of customers throughout the world, in numerous types of activity such as energy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, cosmetics, defence, nuclear and many others.


The head offices of the SART Von Rohr Group ( SVR ) is based in France. SART Von Rohr ( SVR ) has several locations around the world, including two production sites. One site in the east of France, well centred in Europe, close to the German and Swiss borders, and a second in the south-west Turkey, ideally located at the gateway to the Middle East.


The French production plant, located in the east of France at Bitschwiller les Thann, covers 15,000 m². This factory, erected in 1935, evolved after the Second World War, in 1947.

It was extended in 1994 and 2015 and modernised in 2008, 2016 and 2019.

The Turkish production plant is an ultra-modern 5000 m² factory located in the east suburb of IZMIR, in the south-west of Turkey.


In the French factory, a quality system certified ISO 9001 version 2015, EAC, DESP, and its production is certified “ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE” by the BUREAU VERITAS.