SART von Rohr pressure regulators ( SVR ) are self-acting regulators with internal or external impulse.

These pressure regulators are designed to operate on most industrial fluids and over a wide range of pressures, from a few millibars to several tens of bars.

Our pressure regulators, are designed and manufactured in France.

Applications : Excess pressure, pressure reducing, differential pressure, for liquids, neutral gaz , steam, process fluids, clean steam, CIP, SIP, inerting, etc…

Pressure Regulators

Range of products

Steam pressure reducing valvePR516
Balanced steam pressure reducing valvePR516E
Gaz/liquids regulatorPR515
Balanced gaz/liquids regulatorPR515E
Universal pressure RegulatorPRDX
Gaz/liquids excess pressure valveEP615
Balanced gaz/liquids excess pressure valveEP615E
Steam excess pressure valveEP616
Balanced Steam excess pressure valveEP616E