We offer online tools to meet your needs

SART Von Rohr wishes to remain, at all times, beside of its customers to accompany them in their projects. In addition to its permanent commitment to help and advise its customers, SART Von Rohr provides you here with tools for dimensioning products and installations, in the form of simple calculators that are permanently available.

SART Von Rohr will continue to develop this type of sizing tool here in order to continue its commitment to assist its customers.

Flash calculator

Flash steam management is fundamental for a complete understanding of physical phenomena that interact within a steam network. This calculation tool allows to have a very good idea of this phenomenon, for improving the steam network design.

Speed in pipe calculator

This calculation tool allows to calculate the flow speed in a pipe, from the DN, the Schedule, the fluid density and the fluid flow rate.

Steam control valve steam calculator

The correct sizing for saturated steam control valves is essential for their proper operation and for the process being controlled. The calculation tool provided here by SART Von Rohr allows to calculate the valve Kvs from some basic data.