SART von Rohr

Steam training for technicians

Since 2008, SART von Rohr has been training its customers in practical techniques for the safe use and operation of a steam network in order to pass on its historical experience to its customers.
SART von Rohr has become a Vocational Training Centre for Steam under the approval number 42 68 01869 68.

The pedagogical objectives are to gain a good understanding of the steam network and to upgrade skills to design and optimise the installation.
This course is aimed at technicians and engineers in design offices, new construction or maintenance.

Energy savings and how to implement them are also discussed during this two-day training course.

Come and meet technicians

This training is provided by technicians for technicians with no commercial ulterior motives.

The trainees’ individual steam network problems will be addressed during the training in order to provide concrete answers.

Tailor-made training

The programme can be adapted according to the public present and special requests, please do not hesitate to let us know your wishes.

SART von Rohr


Steam basis

  • Physics reminders
  • Units, simple calculations, enthalpy notions
  • Mollier Diagram
  • Different types of steam, desuperheating
  • Corrosion, air effects
  • Risks related to steam networks
  • Boilers
  • Boiler house

Practical steam

  • Steam network optimisation
  • Flash steam
  • Network state of the art
  • Condensate
  • Energy recovry
  • Doing simple energy savings
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