SART Von Rohr low pressure regulators are mainly used for blanketing solutions, inerting solutions or for pressure control, above the process fluid, in tanks or reactors filling or emptying phases, by using neutral gas, such as nitrogen.

SART Von Rohr low-pressure regulators valves work in millibar and can precisely control the process pressure.

Simple, compact and robust, SART Von Rohr low pressure regulators are suitable for a wide range of applications: Blanketing, inerting, blowing, scavenging, cooling with fluids such as nitrogen, CO2 or air.

SART Von Rohr's know-how on this process is based on its historic experience. The quality of its manufacture and the loyalty of customers, who appreciate the reliability and safety of SART Von Rohr solutions, for the accurate process pressure control in their tanks, reactors and other centrifuges.

The very wide range of products satisfies the needs of various customers standards in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and specialty chemicals industries.

Blanketing and inerting

Range of products

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