On all steam networks, efficient condensate drainage is solved, in a conventional way with a condensate steamtrap.

However, for condensate drainage to be possible and effective, the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet of the trap must be positive.

Thus, the upstream pressure must be greater than the sum of the downstream pressure and the condensate return system pressure drop .

In some cases, the pressure in the condensate return line is higher than the steam pressure and the steamtrap does not discharge condensate (or not enough).

In these cases, and for efficient and reliable condensate drainage, a pumping trap or a condensate pump can be installed for trapping at a lower upstream pressure than the one in the condensate return line.

This equipment can be easily installed, they are automatic.

Whether your application is a main line, heat exchanger, battery, air heater, lifting condensate, and many others.

SART von Rohr historical experience combined with BYVAP know how brings you simple and economical solutions with the right trapping technology.

Condensate pumps and pumping trap

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